The concept.

CDP vertus

Is your website the central content hub for generating demand? With VERTUS you give your content marketing the necessary clout. Simply install a snippet and off you go!

Within a few days, VERTUS knows the behavioural patterns of potential customers and can target lead magnets. Based on reinforcement learning, the approach becomes more refined day by day.

Within a few days, VERTUS knows the behaviour patterns on the part of potential customers and can advertise lead magnets in a targeted manner. Based on AI algorithms, this approach becomes more sophisticated every day.

In web analytics, there is growing interest in analyses of surfing behaviour. Conventional approaches, however, mostly focus on static indices such as average dwell time and conversion rate. Here, pages that have completely different functions then appear similarly attractive. Moreover, such indices do not respond to the dynamics of user interests.


VERTUS tries to take into account both the attractiveness of content and surfing behaviour. Transitions from one page to another are also considered. These are studied in the framework using graph theory structures and nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF).

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